“I Really Missed You…

during break.” I heard these words a few times today and every time, it melted my heart. Nobody told them to say it. I didnt ask them if they felt that way.

Children are so genuine. So sincere. They say it like it is… good or bad… it’s all out there. It’s black and white for them and they’re so pure. Untainted by too much life.

I strive to make my classroom a warm, welcoming and safe environment for all of my students. I would hope that if I had children of my own that they would feel this in our home. We have a dog. I am almost certain that our dog would confirm that he feels this way. So… that’s good at least.

I think I’m slightly nervous for our appointment tomorrow. There I said it.

Why? We’re going to get some more answers. It’s a doctor I know. It’ll all be okay. For better or worse.


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