Lessons on WordPress

I need some lessons.

As a newbie I’m still reading and self-teaching myself on how to navigate through this app.

Can you help me with…

1. Setting my time zone

2. Hashtags v. Tagging in the settings in the categories and tags section (is it the same?)

3. Can I do more than one #postaday or does it become void because it’s now more than one?

4. How come when I search for another blog I can’t find it? Is it because it’s not a WordPress blog?

5. On the topic of searching… how come I get very limited results? (Yes I’ve changed it from blogs I follow to the other options but still?)

6. Is there a way to see search results by most recent and then to the past? Right now I can search but then results are all out if order (according to date published which is how I’d like to view them)?

7. Once I comment on someone’s post can I delete it?

8. One focused blog topic vs. blogging whatever you want? Opinions please…


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