In Case You Were Wondering…

My husband had his appointment last Friday. The urologist didn’t seem to think anything was too far out of the norm. He produces plenty of sperm but they just don’t want to swim much. We’ll have to just see how it goes.

I still have yet to see a smiley face on my ovulation predictor kit (aka pee on a stick every morning first thing when I wake up test). I’ve just added it as part of my daily morning routine… ha…

I downloaded an app #Flo (it’s pink with a white feather). A few of my friends recommended it. According to that… tomorrow is the first day of my “chance to get pregnant” cycle right before ovulation… so it’s a maybe time for getting pregnant. My husband’s doctor said to have sex every other day. Apparently my birthday is theee number one day with “high chance of getting pregnant”… so we counted back every other day up to tomorrow to see if tomorrow is the first day we should start trying and it is…

It’ll be interesting to see how this coincides with the pee on a stick tests.


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