1st Monday of Summer Break

Guess what I did on my first Monday off of work?

I went to a professional development training for four hours! To be fair, I was asked to come help run one of the stations during part of the training because we had done it in my classroom this past year, so I agreed.

I also excused myself to go pee on a stick which always seems like it takes hours when it’s only minutes. (No smiley in case you were wondering.)

I went to #DSW to donate a pair of sandals (You can only donate one pair a day so this was my second visit for that sole- get it? I’m so funny!- purpose.) and looked to see if they had #Tory Burch sandals. I didn’t find any so I might look online later tonight. I’ll post an update of my findings.

My friend needed a hand watching one of her daughters while she was teaching (her school has two more weeks left- yikes!) so her Mom dropped her daughter at my house and we had a play-date. We played #barbies, while #Frozen played in the background, ate Firecracker popsicles, picked fresh strawberries from the garden outside and played #barbies some more and even ate a pink #starburst!

Then my husband and I watched #Coco together and ate dinner!

Here’s to summer vay-cay!


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